Gen McCown's Report


General Order: 1163
January 1, 1863
To the officers and men serving under this (McCown's) division December 30 to December 31, 1862
Gentlemen, it is with great satisfaction in the performance of this command that I write you today. Through your extraordinary fortitude and the sacrifices of our fallen comrades in arms, each and every attempt by the enemy to turn the left of this army was rebuked.
Brigadier General A.P.Stewart and Brigadier General G. Maney both of Major General Cheatham's Division and attached to this command fought with courage and steadfastness, it was an honor to have lead them in battle.
Colonel J.Q.Loomis of Withers Division attached to this command on the second day of battle played a key role in holding the high ground and allowing troops to deploy for the counter attack which drove the enemy from the crossing and then advancing themselves, trapping the enemy in the river bend.
The lifeless bodies of Brigadier General E. McNair's Arkansas brigade lay on the fields of both days fighting, faced with overwhelming odds the first day they fell back in orderly fashion. Day two their thinned ranks stood firm in a hailstorm of shot and shell, they were the keystone of the battle line on the second day, determined to hold till the last, no greater courage could be asked of any men.
Brigadier General J.Rains' brigade also ravaged on the first and second days fighting, enacted their revenge as darkness fell on the second day driving the foe into the river.
Colonel Locke, having taken command when Brigadier General Ector fell mortally wounded on day one, has done an extraordinary job of leading his Texas brigade. He was instrumental in driving the enemy from the woods southeast of the crossing and in retaking the bridge, allowing Wheeler's cavalry to cross safely and then holding after repeated attempts by the enemy to re-cross the river. I recommend Colonel Locke be promoted to a rank fitting his current position and skills.
Major General J.P.McCown
McCown's Division, II Corps

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