Player Roster

We did have some players drop out and the charts reflect this showing the number of turns a player was involved in the game.

The players were cautious with their personal counters with few commanders leading units into the front lines. The only player casualties were Crittenden and Wood who were trapped against the river with their units and captured. These players were then given the opportunity to take other commands as they became available. Gen. Withers dropped out of the game shortly before he was captured and since his command had been split between McCown and Cheatham we elected not to replace him.

Confederate Army


Player Turns

Gen. Bragg

MGen. Malcolm Hunt

Lt.Gen. Polk

Lt.Col. R.D.Haynes

MGen. Cheatham

Col. C.S.Hayes
Lt.Gen. David Mallory

MGen. McCown

Col. Robert Weir

MGen. Withers (C)

MGen. Isaacc Ubaldi   1-55

MGen. Stevenson

Col Rob Hinkle


MGen. Terry Dancer

MGen. Cleburne

Col. Ian Coyle

MGen. Breckenridge

BGen. John Longstreet
Col. Adam Wadding
  1- 8


Union Army


Player Turns

MGen. Rosecrans

Gen. Dierk Walter

MGen. McCook

Gen. Michael O'Connor

BGen. Davis

Don Adams

BGen. Sheridan

BGen. Mike Letus

BGen. Johnson

Gen. Doug Burke

MGen. Thomas

MGen. Jess Norris

MGen. Rousseau

Col. George Kasnic

BGen. Negley

MGen. Dirk Gross

BGen. Fry

BGen. Robert Frost 58-87

MGen. Crittenden  (C)

BGen. Robert Frost   1-29

BGen. Wood   (C)

BGen. John Dragan   1-29

BGen. Palmer

Gen. Mark Nelms
Col. Kennon Whitehead

BGen. Van Cleve
(replaced Crittenden)

BGen. Mark Tuttle

Col. Fyffe
(replaced Van Cleve)

BGen. John Dragan

Col. Kennett

BGen. Robert Frost
BGen. John Dragan