Colonel Stanley's Report


On December 30, 1862 my brigade was camped just southeast of the Widow Burns Farm. At dawn I was ordered by General Negley to move to the road where we would remain in reserve for the present. At Noon we were ordered to take the road to Ashbury Church where we were to fall into the rear of General Rousseau's column which was moving to the Wilkenson Turnpike. When we approached the Grisham Lane around 130 PM I was ordered to turn to the right and move southeast and deploy my brigade south of the Harding Farm. This was accomplished shortly after 2 PM and I was ordered to advance southeast to the Burgess Farm with my left lined up with Colonel Shepherd of General Rousseau's Division. We had advanced about 500 yards when about 3 PM we were opposed by Anderson's brigade of Wither's Division. After a brief action the rebels pulled back and Colonel Miller passed through us to continue the advance while my brigade reorganized and moved to his right. By 5 PM Colonel Miller had taken the Burgess Farm and my brigade had advanced to within 200 yards of the Franklin Road which was held by General Sheridan's division. We halted our attack on this line and made camp for the night.
Early on the 31st I was advised by General Negley that the division would attack at first light, Colonel Miller on the left with Rousseau in supporton his left while I was to move up on Miller's right and keep my right flank on the riverbank. The attack would commence as soon as General Johnson arrived in support. The attack began at 8 AM and Col Miller's initial assault against Stevenson's Division was repulsed. By 9 AM General Johnson had come up on my left in support and my attack along the river began to make progress. We took the first rebel line of entrenchments by 10 AM at which time the rebels counterattacked with Wither's division and after fierce fighting drove us back. At this time we were ordered back and placed in reserve and Colonel Miller moved to continue the attack. By 1 PM Colonel Miller had taken the second line of entrenchments when once again the rebels counterattacked and pushed his brigade back. We then advanced and retook the rebel positions at 1:30 PM. This combined with General Johnson's attack on their center resulted in their lines being broken around 2:30 PM and a general retreat begun on their part. We continued our pursuit with Colonel Stanley being wounded at about 3:30 PM and Colonel Scott taking over command. By 4 PM Colonel Miller had resumed the advance and pressed within 100 yards of the bridge. Meanwhile the brigade moved to support his right along the riverbank and provide fire support to General McCook's forces which were being forced into the bend of the river by the rebels on the east side of the river, having been driven away from the Franklin Road bridge.
With the coming of darkness around 6 PM we were ordered to stand down and pull back from the river.
Colonel Joseph Scott
19th Illinois Regiment
3rd Brigade
Negley's Division

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