Moderator's comments

During the game I found it interesting that we had some finger pointing and arguing over plans and actions of some of the player commanders. Very realistic I thought as the players were not always aware of the reasons why actions were taken and the errors and mistakes of the moderator controlled commanders caused by the dice rolls.

Both army commanders used a hands off approach, issuing orders through their wing commanders and leaving the general handling of the commands to them They both also issued orders only in response to messages from commanders, it seemed to me neither of them paid much attention to the replays as far as using them to issue orders.

The game is still not what I would like it to be, casualty rates were still very high because of the constant fighting. I hope to do another game sometime in 2005 and am considering ways to reduce the constant fighting to something more realistic.

Below are the after action reports of Gen McCown, CSA and Gen Davis, USA and a couple from both sides I did from the perspective of the brigade commanders


After Action Reports

Major General McCown's Report

Brigadier General McNair's Report

Brigadier General Polk's Report

Brigadier General Davis's Report

Colonel Stanley's Report

Colonel Grose's Report